Gutter cleaning companies are celebrating – autumn is here!

Autumn is great for gutter cleaning companies in Sussex, Surrey and HampshireGutter cleaning companies across the South East, from Kent and Essex, across to Hampshire and Berkshire are having parties to celebrate the arrival of Autumn.

While the rest of us are feeling depressed at the shorter days, rainy days and the dropping temperatures, the falling leaves are reason to celebrate for the dedicated companies of men and women who strive to keep your gutters free flowing.

Windy weather, especially the recent storm we experienced in October, have blown all the leaves across the rooftops and into your guttering.

The leaves then accumulate and block the guttering. The water then can’t go where it is supposed to go and runs over the top of the guttering and down the walls of your house.

This is not a problem for a day or two, but continual water running down the wall will lead to damp and the dreaded mould appearing inside your house.

We then see the mould in our homes and wonder what is causing the mould. Eventually we work out the overflowing gutters are the cause. Then everyone calls their local gutter cleaner to solve the problem.

Gutter cleaning is a high tech business now. No more ladders, it is all done with vacuum cleaning equipment, there is even cctv to check that your gutters are clear.

So whether you are in Margate, Portsmouth, Brighton, Romford, Croydon, Reading, Bromley, Canterbury or anywhere else across the South East of England, make your local gutter cleaning company happy and give them a call.

Carpets are no longer “grim up north”

Carpet cleaning in the old daysThanks to the hard working staff at PCS Carpet Cleaners, carpets in Lancashire and across the Pennines into Yorkshire are now beautifully clean.

PCS approached NWK Media with a plan to expand their business from their base in Leeds to cover all the cities and towns in Yorkshire from Sheffield up to York and those in Lancashire from Blackpool and Preston down to Greater Manchester and Stockport.

There are a multitude of carpet cleaning companies out there, offering differing levels of expertise and customer service. Not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. It can be difficult for customers to know who the good guys are and who the cowboys are.

Lots of companies offer rock bottom prices to get through the door and because the price is so low, they spend as little time as possible, cleaning the carpet leaving the stains still in place.

A reputable carpet cleaning company will tailor the cleaning to the type of carpet and how dirty it is. So if you are in Leeds or Blackburn and your carpets require cleaning, call for the experts and give PCS a call.

More than one way to crack a nut

Gardener in Mayfield, East SussexSometimes we are so busy on our laptops or smart phones, that we can forget that old fashioned marketing can still work.

Drew Neat, one of our clients, who has a local gardening business, was discussing where he gets his clients from. Most of them are referrals or from one of the successful micro sites we created for him.

But he also got a lucrative contact from a card he had placed in the Post Office in Mayfield, East Sussex. Very cheap, but extremely well targeted for those seeking local services such as gardening.

It is also a lesson in that many people do want a local service provider whether they are searching for a gardener, builder or window cleaner.

So if you are in East Sussex or Kent and need a highly targeted website to sell your local services, please get in touch.

Sevenoaks house could definitely could do with a roof cleaning makeover

Sevenoaks house in need of roof cleaningA customer from Ide Hill in Kent called Sevenoaks Roof Cleaners saying that the roof of their home could do with cleaning, that their was “a bit of moss” that would need removing.

On visiting the property to offer a free quote, it was not possible to even see the roof, so covered was it with moss, grass, weeds and even a couple of trees.

I am not sure what they actually needed a roof cleaner or gardener. The quote for roof cleaning was undertandably higher than the standard price, due to the scale of the job.

However, the quote was accepted, the work was done and the roof of the house is unrecognisable from what they previously had. So however bad your roof is, the guys at Sevenoaks Roof Cleaners can clean it up.

They don’t just do the Sevenoaks area, they will clean roofs across Kent and South East London, so whether you are Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells or Ashford or Canterbury, give Sevenoaks Roof Cleaners a call.